New Green Sustainability Studies Major

The Department of Professional and Liberal Studies is unveiling a new green major in Sustainability Studies. This exciting program is interdisciplinary in nature and environmentally focused–and it’s the first of its kind in the Chicago area. Utilizing a combination of online accessibility and onsite field trips, including walking tours, canoeing Chicago’s Bubbly Creek, and visits to recycling centers or the wetlands, the courses focus on the earth’s resources and the way in which urban sprawl has affected them. To initially determine whether this topic was viable at Roosevelt, Associate Professor Mike Bryson and Assistant Professor Carl Zimring team-taught a unique six-credit course entitled “The Sustainable City” last spring. The venture was successful, and the two professors then co-developed the entire major which will officially kick off in fall 2010. Zimring is teaching the pilot introductory course “The Sustainable Future” online this spring semester and will do so again next fall. The major will be available in both a 120-semester-hour Bachelor of Arts degree (for students of all ages) or a fast-track Bachelor of Professional Studies degree (for students 24 and older). Interested in greening your studies? Contact one of our advisors soon.


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