Professor Conducts First Surveys in Congo basin

In August 2009, RU Professor Julian Kerbis-Peterhans transferred his field efforts from Rwanda to the Congo basin (Upper Lualaba River) where he conducted the first biological surveys in a newly proposed protected area, currently known as TL2 (after the region’s great river systems: Tshuapa, Lualaba and Lomani Rivers).  They found the first specimens of the rare black guinea fowl (Agelastes niger) on the left bank of the Congo River as well as other important new records. These data will serve as a baseline of species now documented from this severely threatened area, an area that has been hammered by bushmeat hunters over the past two decades. These conservation efforts are driven by the determination of Peterhans’ long time colleagues and friends, Drs John and Terese Hart (formerly of the New York Zoological Society Wildlife Conservation Society), who have dedicated 25 years of their lives towards saving the great forests of the Congo basin (and where they have raised 3 kids!).

Post by Julian Kerbis Peterhans


Professor Publishes Research on Positive Working Relationships in Hospitals

Assistant Professor Deb Orr, pictured here with her niece, Ava

Just like mom always said, be nice to others.

Assistant Professor Deb Orr recently published her research on the working relationships between nurses and their support service employees, such as those employed in hospital housekeeping, food services, patient transportation, security, and linen services, among others. Using information gathered from 298 support service employees within ten hospitals around the United States, Orr found that various issues related to power structures, education, culture, and language could affect their ability to work together well. Additionally, Orr suggests that the nurses’ mindsets and communication styles affected the relationships between them and the other employee groups. Collaboration between these groups worked best when internalized attitudes and communication were positive. Orr found that “Repeatedly, support service workers expressed that they were willing to go the extra mile, work above and beyond their required scope for those nurses who treated them respectfully.” Orr’s article, entitled “Characteristics of Positive Working Relationships Between Nursing and Support Service Employees”  appeared in the March 2010 issue of The Journal of Nursing Administration.

So be nice–and those who work with you will hopefully do the same.

New Online Professional Programs Announced

Two new general business programs have been announced within the College of Professional Studies: Commerce and Enterprise, and Sales. The new Commerce and Enterprise program of study introduces students to general business topics, such as accounting, economics, ethics, statistics, marketing, management, organizational development, and organizational behavior. The new Sales program of study combines five of the core courses within Commerce and Enterprise, but adds further depth via classes in persuasion, presentation, and prospecting, among others. Both adult degree programs are encapsulated within the interdisciplinary general education of the Bachelor of Professional Studies program, known for its curriculum which engages critical thinking and learning. These new programs also offer opportunities to minor in other professional fields, such as Criminal Justice, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Organizational Leadership, Paralegal Studies, and Sustainability Studies. Both new majors will be available fully online, and if student demand warrants it, on-campus as well. Contact an advisor on either campus for more information: Fast-Track Degree Programs for Adults, Chicago Campus: 312-281-3134 and Schaumburg Campus: 847-619-8730.

BGS Graduate Publishes Chapbook

Brian Russell's chapbook, Meeting Dad," is scheduled for an April 1, 2010, release.

Brian Russell, a 2007 graduate of the Bachelor of General Studies program (now the BLS/BPS program) at Roosevelt University, is set to publish his first book entitled “Meeting Dad: A Memoir,” which is based on his childhood relationship with an estranged father.

The chapbook will be released April 1, 2010, and copies are available now from Amazon for pre-sale . In 2007, Russell was also the first winner of the annual ETSCPS creative writing contest, with his short story “Rutherford.” In May 2010, Russell will earn a Masters of Fine Arts from Spalding University’s Writing Program.

New Deal Service Days

It’s that time of year again where students, faculty, staff, and friends get together for a day to help out those in need.  The New Deal Service Days event is being held on two days: Friday, April 23rd and Saturday, April 24th.  There are  9 Chicago sites and 12 Schaumburg sites to choose from Check out the FAQ page for more information on scheduling, meeting locations and times.   Click here to register online and benefit from the feeling of  knowing that you are doing something great to help out your community!

Acclaimed RU Professor’s Reviews Released in New Collection


Gary K. Wolfe's collection of reviews will be available in April 2010.


RU Professor Gary K. Wolfe

To say that Roosevelt University Professor Gary Wolfe is well read in the Science Fiction and Fantasy literary world is an understatement. Wolfe has been a reviewer of Sci Fi for Locus magazine for more than 18 years, discussing hundreds upon hundreds of books in the genre. In April 2010, Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001 will be published, which brings together Wolfe’s always insightful, and frequently funny, critiques of almost 200 books reviewed during those years. Wolfe’s first volume in this series, Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996, came out in 2005, and won the British Science Fiction Association Award for best Non-Fiction Book in 2006. Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman comic series, American Gods, and Coraline, among other notable works, said “Gary Wolfe is one of speculative fiction’s smartest observers and wisest critics. He’s funny and trenchant, always acute and always perceptive. We are fortunate to have him.” Wolfe’s third collection, to be called Sightings, is scheduled for publication in 2011.

RU Professor Named CTA’s Acting General Counsel

Brad Jansen, the new Acting General Counsel for CTA, is also a RU adjunct professor.

Brad Jansen, an adjunct professor in Roosevelt University’s Paralegal Studies Program, was named as Acting General Counsel for the Chicago Transit Authority in February. The CTA website has more!