New Online Professional Programs Announced

Two new general business programs have been announced within the College of Professional Studies: Commerce and Enterprise, and Sales. The new Commerce and Enterprise program of study introduces students to general business topics, such as accounting, economics, ethics, statistics, marketing, management, organizational development, and organizational behavior. The new Sales program of study combines five of the core courses within Commerce and Enterprise, but adds further depth via classes in persuasion, presentation, and prospecting, among others. Both adult degree programs are encapsulated within the interdisciplinary general education of the Bachelor of Professional Studies program, known for its curriculum which engages critical thinking and learning. These new programs also offer opportunities to minor in other professional fields, such as Criminal Justice, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Organizational Leadership, Paralegal Studies, and Sustainability Studies. Both new majors will be available fully online, and if student demand warrants it, on-campus as well. Contact an advisor on either campus for more information: Fast-Track Degree Programs for Adults, Chicago Campus: 312-281-3134 and Schaumburg Campus: 847-619-8730.


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