Professor Conducts First Surveys in Congo basin

In August 2009, RU Professor Julian Kerbis-Peterhans transferred his field efforts from Rwanda to the Congo basin (Upper Lualaba River) where he conducted the first biological surveys in a newly proposed protected area, currently known as TL2 (after the region’s great river systems: Tshuapa, Lualaba and Lomani Rivers).  They found the first specimens of the rare black guinea fowl (Agelastes niger) on the left bank of the Congo River as well as other important new records. These data will serve as a baseline of species now documented from this severely threatened area, an area that has been hammered by bushmeat hunters over the past two decades. These conservation efforts are driven by the determination of Peterhans’ long time colleagues and friends, Drs John and Terese Hart (formerly of the New York Zoological Society Wildlife Conservation Society), who have dedicated 25 years of their lives towards saving the great forests of the Congo basin (and where they have raised 3 kids!).

Post by Julian Kerbis Peterhans


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