And the winners are . . .

Last Thursday, the College of Professional Studies held their annual Student Awards Ceremony in Schaumburg. Dean John Cicero welcomed a wonderful turn-out of students, their families and friends, and the faculty and administration. Then a current student of the college, Martin Savino, shared inspirational thoughts about returning to school–and prospering–after losing his job in the banking industry in 2008. Then every department participated in honoring their outstanding students.

Hospitality and Tourism Management awarded two undergraduates for Outstanding Achievement: Michelle Davies and Daniel Lutz. Lauren LaViola was honored in the same department for Outstanding Achievement at the graduate level.

Associate Professor Kathy Iverson of Training and Development awarded two Outstanding Master’s Projects. Douglas G. Sellers was honored for his project entitled, “Release the Brakes: Maximizing Employee Potential thru Organizational Effectiveness,” while Patricia L. Ransom was honored for her project entitled ‘Sentence of Focus.”

Assistant Professor Debra Orr presented the Outstanding Organizational Leadership award to Barbara Farrenkopf.

Carrie Lausen, Director of the Paralegal Studies Program, inducted several students into the Lambda Epsilon Chi, the national honor society for paralegals, including Karin Crook, Alexsander Gordin, Cheri Helmick, Neil Katims, Laura Messer, Erica Nowak, and Susan Sawyer.

Susanne McLaughlin, Director of the English Language Program, awarded several awards. Margartia Kuznetsova earned the Advanced Level Writing Award, Chao Tai-Kuang earned the Bridge Level Writing Award, and Yang Ling, earned the ELP Leadership Award.

New to the awards ceremony was the Criminal Justice Program, which offered two awards. Assistant Professor Tana McCoy honored Demetrios C. Axarlis for his Academic Excellence, and Carlos R. Tyler for Social Justice.

The Department of Professional and Liberal Studies also honored two students. Associate Professor Amanda Putnam presented Julia A. Long the Outstanding Senior Thesis award for her essay, “Breed-Specific Legislation Fails to Improve Public Safety at the Expense of Individual Dogs and Responsible Dog Owners.” Associate Professor Mike Bryson awarded Jane Whitford the Creative Writing award for her narrative essay, “Porches.”

Finally, Associate Dean Brad Hunt inducted several students into the Rho Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, which is the national honor society for adult learners. Those honored include Bette Ashley, Yolanda Cameron, Gloria V. Collazo, Kevin Eric, Guillermina B Garcia, Dolores Glowen, Dawn M. Hahn, Kathleen M. Kane, Amy Kawiecki, Cathleen Kerin, Beverly Lounsbury, Kevin Peter McCabe, Daisy Montalvo-Weber, Cheryl Musolf, Melissa Ann Porter, Martin Savino, Karen Schaffner, Christoph Schneider, Tanya C. Schweig, Daniel Shellstrom, Christian Wilsey Sokoll, Shannon Marie Thomas, Israel Weber, and Corey A. Wojtkiewicz.

Congratulations to all!


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