Bryson Writes Article “Rediscover the Chicago River”

Associate Professor Mike Bryson’s article “Rediscover the Chicago River” is the cover story this month for the Mindful Metropolis, a local online progressive environmental and health publication. Bryson’s article establishes that the city and nature are seamless–frequently trespassing each other’s boundaries even though people tend to separate them unnecessarily in their minds. Suggesting city-dwellers look around them more carefully, Bryson reflects on the Chicago River specifically: “Dredged, straightened, polluted and famous for having its flow reversed at the turn of the century, the river is nevertheless a complex ecological system that fulfills an amazing array of economic, social and environmental functions–from transportation conduit to wastewater repository to recreational resource to wildlife corridor.” Accompanied by breathtaking photography by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee, the article asks readers to re-examine their beliefs about urban environments.


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