Vukotich Helps Lead Bystander Intervention Training

Assistant Professor George Vukotich

This past summer, George Vukotich, Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Training and Development, was selected by the United States Air Force Air National Guard to help in the distribution of Sexual Assault Bystander Intervention Training. Vukotich had over 700 people in his sessions, which focused on training, prevention, and assistance. Eventually, the Airforce-wide training will reach more than 300,000 individuals. Carl Buchanon, one of the program managers, stated that the training goals were to “recognize situations that may lead to sexual assault, offer an array of available intervention strategies and an opportunity to practice them, and offer bystander intervention techniques.” Vukotich added that sexual assaults in the military are highest in units under high stress levels and that often alcohol plays a role in increasing the likelihood of sexual assaults in a unit. Additionally, Vukotich shared that “the highest increase in sexual assaults is male-on-male assaults, and often one perpetrator will have a number of victims.” However, the hope is that through this type of training, all sexual assaults in the military will decrease. Vukotich plans to write about his experiences in a future article.


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