Professorial News Updates

Panelists from Locus Awards Weekend, June 26. L-R: RU Professor Gary Wolfe, writers Nancy Kress, Ursula K. Le Guin, Walter Jon Williams, Connie Willis.

This past June, Professor Gary Wolfe of the Department of Professional and Liberal Studies led two panel discussions at the Locus Awards and Science Fiction Hall of Fame ceremonies in Seattle. The convention inducted well known science fiction authors and contributors, Octavia E. Butler, Roger Zelazny, Douglas Trumbull, and Richard Matheson.

Additionally, Wolfe enjoyed a joint book launching at Readercon in Burlington, Massachusetts on  July 10.  It was for Wolfe’s reviews collection Bearings and Amelia Beamer‘s first novel, The Loving Dead (a zombie romantic comedy, or ZomRomCom, as it is known in the field).

Meanwhile, Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, Chuck Hamburg, was recently interviewed (Sept 4, 2010) by for his input regarding the recent revival of barbecue culture.

Amelia Beamer, Gary Wolfe, at their book launch party in Burlington, Mass, July 10.


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