New Sales Course Starts January 2011

A new Sales course entitled Persuasion and Presentation Skills (SLS 325) will be offered this spring semester, which starts in only 3+ weeks (Jan 24th). The course will be taught by Phil Procida, formerly a Vice President of International Operations at Automotive Resources International (ARI) before he began his second career in teaching. The intriguing description for the new course is here:

Learn how to communicate with the listener in mind and develop the confidence to deliver any type of a selling presentation to one or more individuals, in a sales proposal, interview, or personal sales situation.  Supplementing a listener-focus approach, students will work on creative writing and proposal skills, along with developing and implementing effective oral presentations. Learn to recognize where the buyer is in the decision-making process when making a presentation and tailor the presentation to both the needs of customers and to the criteria customers use to make their decisions. The material covered in this course will be relevant to you, regardless of your career objectives, as good selling skills are needed in just about all employment settings, and everyday personal activities. The ability to sell one’s self, one’s abilities, goals, and ideas are also essential to personal and career success.

If you are interested in learning more about the course, contact Professor Procida. If you want to enroll, contact your advisor or Jennifer Sherlock at the College of Professional Studies.


D. Bradford Hunt on CNN

Associate Professor D. Bradford Hunt

As many of us know, the city’s last public housing (Cabrini-Green) is closing as the last tenants move out. Associate Professor D. Bradford Hunt offered background to the problem on CNN, saying “Cabrini-Green was the most infamous public housing development in Chicago because of its violent past, but that doesn’t capture the whole story.” Hunt, an expert on Chicago’s public housing, published Blueprint for Disaster: The Unraveling of Chicago Public Housing in 2009. Watch the entire CNN clip, with more from Hunt: “Conclusions from Cabrini-Green.”