2011 Faculty Forum: Student Connections and Retention

Last Friday, almost all of RU’s faculty turned out for the annual Faculty Forum–a time for professors to get together and discuss a topic important to Roosevelt, while re-connecting with colleagues. This year’s topic was student retention and it was extremely informative. Sam Rosenberg, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Administration, started the discussion by sharing fascinating and sometimes-startling statistics about RU’s current student retention. The conversation was wide and varied, with faculty members asking questions, offering new suggestions, and making comments.

Professor Margaret Policastro, Professor Steven Meyers, Assistant Professor Sheldon Walcher, and Associate Professor Brad Hunt shared ideas for increasing student connections with faculty.

Next, a panel of various faculty members offered ideas for increasing retention and connecting with students. ETSCPS’s Associate Dean Brad Hunt shared how the new advising system in the college encourages faculty to follow advisees throughout their college career, as well as mentioned a new Criminal Justice program aimed at getting CJ students more active in their discipline earlier and in exciting ways (more on those events soon).


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