Three Nominations for Professor’s Podcasts

Gary K. Wolfe’s science fiction podcasting is now up for not one, not two, but three awards.

Locus Online announced the first award, shared here back in March, but now two other organizations have added their accolades too. SF Signal announced the 2011 Ditmar award finalists and The Coode Street podcast, by Gary K. Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan, has been nominated for “Best Fan Publication in Any Medium.” SF Signal says the Ditmars are “the Australian equivalent of the Hugos recognizing excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by Australians.”

Additionally, the 36th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention included Wolfe and Strahan’s podcasting for “Best Western Australian Fan Production” within their Tin Duck Award nominations.

Both award winners should be announced in April., which is the Australian national science fiction award, a


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