Paralegal Studies Instructor Chairs Committee on IL Foreclosures

The Illinois Supreme Court announced in April the formation of a special committee which will study and formulate proposals to help those facing the loss of their homes and improve the judicial process in mortgage foreclosures throughout Illinois.

Judge Lewis Nixon will chair the committee.

Judge Lewis Nixon, a long-time adjunct instructor in RU’s Paralegal Studies program and the supervising judge of the Mortgage Foreclosure section of the Cook County Circuit Court, will chair the committee. The rest of the committee is made up of judges, bankers, lawyers, a law professor and an official from the Illinois Attorney General’s office. The Supreme Court’s broad charge to the Committee is to come up with a structure to ensure fair and efficient foreclosure proceedings. To do that, the Court asked the Committee to investigate specific areas:

–Inventory procedures currently in use in Illinois jurisdictions, including Supreme Court rules and local court rules that affect foreclosure proceedings;

–Analyze procedures adopted in other states in response to the unprecedented number of foreclosure filings nationwide;

–Review legislative proposals pending in the Illinois General Assembly that may impact the mortgage foreclosure scheme.

Finally, the Supreme Court asked the Committee to recommend to the Court mortgage foreclosure rules to be implemented statewide.


Wolfe Nominated for a Hugo Award

Hugo Award

Professor Gary Wolfe has been nominated for a Hugo Award for the collection of reviews he published last year: Bearings: 1997-2001. The Hugo Awards are awards for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. They are awarded each year at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). The awards are voted on by fans.

The winners will be announced Saturday, August 20th, 2011, during the Hugo Awards Ceremony at Renovation in Reno, Nevada. Congratulations to Professor Wolfe for this honor!

BLS Graduate Awarded Fellowship in Library Science

Janetta Pegues in front of the African-American Heritage Collection at the Chicago Public Library’s Near North Branch

Janetta Pegues has recently been accepted into the University of Wisconsin’s Library Science program and will attend in the Fall.  She was awarded a fellowship that will cover tuition and fees for two years.  Janetta earned her Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a major in Liberal Arts last May 2010.  She worked her way through Roosevelt while continuing to work part-time as a library page in various Chicago Public Library branches, including the Harold Washington Library Center and the Near North Branch near Cabrini Green.  An avid reader, Janetta set up an informal library club at the branch in her Austin neighborhood, and hungered to keep going in the world of library science.  In September 2010, she attended the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference at Navy Pier and learned more about graduate schools.  After consulting with several former faculty members at Roosevelt, she carefully applied and in April heard the good news from Madison and can’t wait to attend:  “Last week I visited Madison for the first time. I meet my [graduate school] advisor, several other professors, staff and students. Everybody was so nice!”

We wish Janetta the best of luck in her graduate work.  “Perhaps I will return to the Chicago Public Library for my first librarianship,” she says.

Hunt Honored for His Leadership

Last week, Associate Dean D. Bradford Hunt was honored both for his scholarly endeavors and his administrative service to the college and university.

First, the Urban History Association announced that Hunt’s book earned an Honorable Mention in the Kenneth Jackson Prize for best book in North American Urban History for 2009. UHA stated “D. Bradford Hunt’s Blueprint for Disaster: The Unravelling of Chicago Public Housing (University of Chicago Press) is a first rate policy analysis based on deep archival digging, oral interviews, and a vital comparison with New York City.   The work is especially valuable for its long time frame.” Hunt plans to take a research leave in 2011-2012 and further his work in this field.

Dean Cicero presents Brad Hunt with a certificate of appreciation.

Secondly, with Hunt stepping down from his positions as Associate Dean and Chair of the Department of Professional and Liberal Studies (officially in August 2011), faculty, staff, administrators, and Hunt’s family gathered to wish him well, with some good-natured roasting involved too.

Dean Cicero presented Hunt with a certificate of appreciation, while friends and colleagues shared stories of Hunt’s boundless energy, lengthy emails, good humor, and love of root beer. Associate Professor Mike Bryson even shared his rendition of REO Speedwagon’s “Take it on the Run.”

Congrats to D. Bradford Hunt–and thanks for all his hard work!

Winners Announced at Student Award Ceremony

Last Thursday, faculty, students, and administrators of the Evelyn T. Stone College of Professional Studies gathered in the Gage Gallery to announce and honor the recipients of student awards throughout the college. Congratulations to all our winners!

Dean Cicero introduces Juergen Juffa, the speaker for the award ceremony and the author of the Outstanding Master's Portfolio in Training and Development

Outstanding Master’s Portfolio in Training and Development: Juergen Juffa for “Action Research and Process Consulting: Conceptual Foundations of Effective Change Management”

Special Recognition Award in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Kacie Benjamin

Outstanding Achievement Award in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Eric Gibbs and Rhoan Ruddock

Outstanding Organizational Leadership Student: Betsy Evans Ingstrup

New inductees of Lambda Epsilon Chi, the Paralegal Studies Honor Society: Michele Battle, Jillian Berndl, Amy Chaffin, Nicholas Giokas, Jamie Jaster

English Language Program Writing Awards: Erina Koyasu, Margarita Kuznetsova, Thu Anh Le

Asst Professor Tana McCory introduces the winner of the Social Justice Award in Criminal Justice: Miranda Young

English Language Program Leadership Award: Jarika Prachanpon

Social Justice in Criminal Justice Award: Miranda Young

Outstanding Senior Thesis in the Department of Professional and Liberal Studies:  Grant Cieslak for “Wilderness as a Skinner Box”

The Professional and Liberal Studies Creative Writing Award: First Place, Gina Solida for “Can You Catch Crazy from Grief?” and Honorable Mention,  Jessie Crow Mermel for “Phoenix: A Narrative Essay”

New inductees of Rho Upsilon Chapter, Alpha Sigma Lambda, the National Honor Society for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning: April L. Allord , Gabriela A. Aurzada, Jeanne M. Chandler , Natalie Diblich,  Betsy Evans Ingstrup, Eve Farmer, Bernita A. Glenn, Pamela Christine Guardi, Ayuko Hennigan, Natale Henry, Jimmy R. Jeffcoat, Reuben Thornton Katz, Amy Kenny, Maria Susana Kissel, Berta Moreno, Bertha Alicia Navarro, Elizabeth Ann O’Brien, Marlon Orlando Richardson, Karen Cottrell Smith, Regina Solida, Chad Sommer, Michelle Vinnes.

Associate Dean Brad Hunt inducts the new honor society members of Alpha Sigma Lambda