Hunt Honored for His Leadership

Last week, Associate Dean D. Bradford Hunt was honored both for his scholarly endeavors and his administrative service to the college and university.

First, the Urban History Association announced that Hunt’s book earned an Honorable Mention in the Kenneth Jackson Prize for best book in North American Urban History for 2009. UHA stated “D. Bradford Hunt’s Blueprint for Disaster: The Unravelling of Chicago Public Housing (University of Chicago Press) is a first rate policy analysis based on deep archival digging, oral interviews, and a vital comparison with New York City.   The work is especially valuable for its long time frame.” Hunt plans to take a research leave in 2011-2012 and further his work in this field.

Dean Cicero presents Brad Hunt with a certificate of appreciation.

Secondly, with Hunt stepping down from his positions as Associate Dean and Chair of the Department of Professional and Liberal Studies (officially in August 2011), faculty, staff, administrators, and Hunt’s family gathered to wish him well, with some good-natured roasting involved too.

Dean Cicero presented Hunt with a certificate of appreciation, while friends and colleagues shared stories of Hunt’s boundless energy, lengthy emails, good humor, and love of root beer. Associate Professor Mike Bryson even shared his rendition of REO Speedwagon’s “Take it on the Run.”

Congrats to D. Bradford Hunt–and thanks for all his hard work!


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