BLS Graduate Awarded Fellowship in Library Science

Janetta Pegues in front of the African-American Heritage Collection at the Chicago Public Library’s Near North Branch

Janetta Pegues has recently been accepted into the University of Wisconsin’s Library Science program and will attend in the Fall.  She was awarded a fellowship that will cover tuition and fees for two years.  Janetta earned her Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a major in Liberal Arts last May 2010.  She worked her way through Roosevelt while continuing to work part-time as a library page in various Chicago Public Library branches, including the Harold Washington Library Center and the Near North Branch near Cabrini Green.  An avid reader, Janetta set up an informal library club at the branch in her Austin neighborhood, and hungered to keep going in the world of library science.  In September 2010, she attended the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference at Navy Pier and learned more about graduate schools.  After consulting with several former faculty members at Roosevelt, she carefully applied and in April heard the good news from Madison and can’t wait to attend:  “Last week I visited Madison for the first time. I meet my [graduate school] advisor, several other professors, staff and students. Everybody was so nice!”

We wish Janetta the best of luck in her graduate work.  “Perhaps I will return to the Chicago Public Library for my first librarianship,” she says.


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