Paralegal Studies Instructor Chairs Committee on IL Foreclosures

The Illinois Supreme Court announced in April the formation of a special committee which will study and formulate proposals to help those facing the loss of their homes and improve the judicial process in mortgage foreclosures throughout Illinois.

Judge Lewis Nixon will chair the committee.

Judge Lewis Nixon, a long-time adjunct instructor in RU’s Paralegal Studies program and the supervising judge of the Mortgage Foreclosure section of the Cook County Circuit Court, will chair the committee. The rest of the committee is made up of judges, bankers, lawyers, a law professor and an official from the Illinois Attorney General’s office. The Supreme Court’s broad charge to the Committee is to come up with a structure to ensure fair and efficient foreclosure proceedings. To do that, the Court asked the Committee to investigate specific areas:

–Inventory procedures currently in use in Illinois jurisdictions, including Supreme Court rules and local court rules that affect foreclosure proceedings;

–Analyze procedures adopted in other states in response to the unprecedented number of foreclosure filings nationwide;

–Review legislative proposals pending in the Illinois General Assembly that may impact the mortgage foreclosure scheme.

Finally, the Supreme Court asked the Committee to recommend to the Court mortgage foreclosure rules to be implemented statewide.


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