RU Students and Grit

By now students have settled into their classes, whether it is their first semester of classes or last. Nevertheless, a recent Chicago Sun-Times article titled, “College Kids Start Off Behind, Need ‘social-media-and-college-studentsGrit’ to Succeed” resonated with me about what it truly takes to succeed in college. The answer may surprise you!

Many may think that anyone who is successful in college are smart, financially stable and well-prepared for the rigorous learning that takes place in the classroom and beyond. These attribute are definitely key to success, but let’s be honest, not everyone that has mastered the art of higher education had the monetary means and were well-prepared, including myself.

I will always remember my first semester in college. Coming from an inner-city high school to a small, yet prestigious liberal arts college where many were able to pay full tuition was intimidating. I felt lost, alone, and not well-prepared. As the author of this article states, I spent my four years in undergrad catching up to everyone else. But, I made it! I have always thought about what helped me succeed, besides my faith, my family. It was grit. I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything else. I knew that I did not come equipped with the knowledge and experience that those around me had but I made up for it with determination.

So, what does this mean for you? Perhaps you came to Roosevelt University not as prepared as the student next to you. Or maybe professors talk about complex issues that everyone else seems to understand and you feel lost. Just remember as the article states, “feeling or falling behind doesn’t mean failing.”  Don’t’ give up! Ask professors for help. Do what you can to succeed.  Utilize the “grit” that got you here in the first place.


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