Chicago Is…

Chicago, the Second City.

Chicago, New York’s prettier sister.

The Windy City. The City of Big Shoulders.

Chicago is an imperfect world class city that is hampered by crime, violence, poverty, and homelessness. Now, Chicago is not the only American city confronting these sorts of issues but, to listen to some of the national newscasts, one could get the impression that Chicago stands alone in this arena making our city an awful place to live.

Let me tell you why that is not true and give just one of the reasons why Chicago is my kind of town.

Chicagoans are giving, helpful people.

Every time I turn around I see people donating their time and talents to help others. Despite our tendency to bicker over the Cubs versus the Sox, when push comes to shove, Chicagoans come together to support one another!

One recent Sunday morning as I was headed north on a marathon training run along the Alz Walklake front path, I came upon four-thousand plus people donning purple shirts as they were starting a walk to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s. Given that there wasn’t room for both me and these dedicated walkers to share the path, I chose to change directions and started to run south. After a mile or so, I came upon more fundraising walkers! This time it was for a cause in Peru, as well as Walk for Hearing, and the Illinois Lupus Walk. More WalkersWalkers were everywhere on the lake front path and in Lincoln Park that morning. It was fantastic! People were smiling, laughing, talking, and sharing. But, most importantly, they were doing good deeds. Yes, this is people at their best and you can finds lots of people like that right here in Chicago!Lincoln Park Walkers

Another place to find people at their best is Roosevelt University’s College of Professional Studies! Our students come to us from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, and holding different ideals. They have divergent views and different talents, skills, abilities, and interests. They are traditional students and they are working adults. They are as varied as can be but, they are sharing a common experience and embracing a common goal – to earn a college degree. And they are doing things every day to demonstrate their commitment to Roosevelt’s mission of social justice and they are among the walkers, and runners, and organizers, and fundraisers who are doing good deeds every single day. We couldn’t be more proud!



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