Be The Best You Can Be

Many of my students have asked me to write letters of recommendation for continuing education (graduate school) and for career purposes. In order to craft a good letter, I not only want to know the student from a prior class or as an advisee, but I also ask for an updated resume and a statement of career goals. Over the years, I have seen many of these documents – some good and others needing revisions. As most people know, it is a competitive world out there. You are competing with others for acceptance into graduate programs and for jobs. Why not make your initial written document that you send out look great? Of course, there are websites devoted to writing good resumes and you can view samples of what to include and what kind of format to use so it looks professional.

However, many students are not aware of the resources we have at Roosevelt that are geared to help with many issues related to attending college, like study skills, tutoring, writing, and career development. Roosevelt has a Career Development Center to educate students about career development and the job search process. The Center’s staff support, engage, and counsel students in career exploration. One can find more detailed information about each of the services they provide by clicking on the topics once at their website. When you click on “resume writing,” there is a whole page dedicated to writing resumes and links to many important documents.

Why not make your resume shine and stand out from all the others? Be the best you can be when applying for that important next step!


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