Professor Podcasts on Science Fiction

One of the many summer activities of Professor Gary Wolfe was podcasting with Locus editor Jonathan Strahan, a three-time Hugo award nominee.

Professor Gary K. Wolfe

Locus editor Jonathan Strahan

Episodes 14,  15,  and 16 from Notes from Coode Street are still available on Strahan’s blog, where Wolfe and Strahan discuss all things sci fi, including non-English books in the genre, classic SF “books you don’t need to read,” and other fascinating stuff. A recent 2010 podcast roundup by Jonathan McCalmont said Wolfe and Strahan’s podcasts “are a real ray of sunlight . . .They are fun, they are engaged and they manage to walk a fine line between talking about new books, old books, ideas and issues affecting the field of science fiction . . . Anyone with an interest in science fiction should find it intensely rewarding.”

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